Week 8 with Logan

I'm so far behind blogposts and am going to attempt to catch up this weekend. Here's photos and highlights from week 8 with Logan:
  • I took Logan into the office to meet my coworkers and catch up on what was happening on my teams.
  • Logan and I assembled his birth announcements and finally got them in the mail.
  • We had our normal mom and baby meetup in the park and had a nice get together with Georgia and Myla our new bffs :)
  • Logan met dad's close friend from b-school/rugby, Zel, and his wife Julie.
  • Logan and I went out for Sunday brunch with Jennie and we went for a nice stroll through the village.
  • Aunt Jacqui and Aunt Kara came over for dinner to keep mom company while Tyler was on a work trip to Virginia with Uncle Josh
  • Logan had his first road trip with me to Boston to visit my dad's family. We met a friend from b-school who had moved to Boston and met her two kids and then spent the night at my aunt's house. It was so fun having Logan meet my extended side of the family.

 Logan went to the bathroom all over his cousin!

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