Work Offsite in Portland

I had my last big commitment for work before I head out on maternity leave this week. I organized an offsite for the NYC VR team and we headed to Portland for a couple of days. Unfortunately, the weather refused to cooperate, but we made the best of it and enjoyed lots of good food and board games.

On Monday, I hosted a big lobster bake at our house and thankfully could put the new porch (will do a separate post on that!) to good use. It had rained all day until about 5pm so it meant we couldn't rely on having dinner outside on the lawn. So, I hauled all of the tables inside the porch and set everything up. I was pretty lucky that the furniture hadn't arrived otherwise, I don't know what we would have done. Following dinner, we enjoyed a fire and drinks on the patio and made lots of s'mores :)
 NYC pic

 All set for the lobster bake!
 We even had space for a bar :)

I may or may not have left my own party to get Red's :) I didn't end up eating a ton as I was helping folks with their lobster, so Red's was the perfect replacement!

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