Maine for Memorial Day

We were lucky enough to sneak up to Maine for the long weekend and headed up late Thursday night. The drive was pretty easy and it always makes it worth it to wake up in Maine. The weather on Friday was rainy, so we had a leisurely morning enjoying our coffee and donuts before heading to our OrangeTheory class. We had a few people come over to meet with us to review some of the projects we have going on at the house and spent the afternoon just hanging out. We enjoyed dinner at home before heading to Red's for baby Holland's first N'oreaster!

On Saturday, we headed to another OTF class and then helped our friend's parents move some furniture out of their basement. We then spent the afternoon running errands and getting things for the house before returning home to grill for the evening. It was really fun being able to use our grill and we enjoyed another great dinner at home before heading to Red's....there's a pattern with our eating ;)

Sunday, we did a number of little projects around the house like swapping out knobs on the cabinets, hanging picture frames, and installing black out curtains for the bedrooms. It was a super productive day and then we headed to my aunt and uncle's house for a feast and got to see my cousin and her husband. We feel so fortunate to have them live so close to us and we really enjoy spending time with them. Sadly, Monday was here before we knew it and we got up early and managed to get home by noon, which was amazing! We spent the afternoon here organizing our room now that we have bed risers and have all of the plastic storage containers from my Target run this weekend. It is the best feeling having everything labeled and organized and 100% worth the feeling of exhaustion right now!
 Donuts from the Cookie Jar
 Baby Holland's first trip to Red's
 Dinner with Ali and Tim
 Baby's second trip to Red's!
 Only the best place on earth
 Got salted carmel with chocolate sprinkles and eyes :)
 The patio is all set for the summer
 The sun porch is complete and looks great with the framed original blueprints of the house. 
 Blueprints up close

 Tyler hung three photos I took last summer and they totally complete the hallway.
 The grass and yard is really green with all the rain Maine has gotten.
Memorial Day BBQ at Jim and Jayme's!

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