Nice coverage about Expeditions

The past two weeks have been pretty neat for me at work. I conceived of this idea to create 40 women career Expeditions for International Women's Day so that all students could learn about some amazing women doing really neat things. Most students don't have access to internships or mentors and providing them with opportunity to explore people's careers virtually, will hopefully help to inspire them to learn more about the various careers that exist and take the steps to pursue their career aspirations. I was really thrilled with the diversity of careers we highlighted and the feedback from teachers, students, and parents has been so wonderful to see. And to celebrate this launch, I went on CNN (live!) to talk about the project from the New York Stock Exchange. I've done a few TV interviews, but never live! The piece was well-received and we had people all of the world who saw it and sent notes about how thrilled they were to see technology being used positively to equal the playing field for students.

The other big thing that happened was I received an incredibly humbling request from our PR team to do a write-up about my job at Google as part of Women's History Month. I didn't realize it was for the actual Google blog when I agreed to do it....I like to fly under the radar and only surface when necessary :)

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