Mini Tyler on the way!

We're pretty excited to share that we have a little guy on the way due July 14th! We just had our anatomy scan and the baby is healthy and very active - I just started feeling him move, which is so nuts :) Tyler and I have decided that our little guy already looks like a mini-Tyler; he has the same forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin! I'm thankfully feeling way better than I did the first trimester and have gotten most of my energy and appetite back.....I couldn't even look at a vegetable for the first 14 weeks, which really isn't like me. It also didn't help that I was traveling a ton and had really packed weeks...they sure don't prepare you for how rough the first trimester can be. And morning sickness.....that's really all day and night sickness. But thankfully, it ended around 15-16 weeks and I've been feeling really good....The surprising thing that has helped tremendously is my 5 days a week at OrangeTheory. The strength exercises have helped my upper and lower back so much and I've noticed that a lot of my back pain has gone away, which is amazing. I'm really glad I've stuck with it (there have been days where I just have zero energy but I force myself to go) as I've noticed a HUGE difference in how I feel and can only hope that I can keep it up. We're pretty stoked to be parents and can't wait for this little guy to make an appearance :)

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