Family brunch

I'm getting use to our low key weekends and loving just hanging out :) It makes such a difference when you're traveling during the week to not have to rush around on the weekend. We had a pizza date night Friday night, did our workout classes on Saturday, ran errands in the afternoon, had a date night at The Bao (such a good spot near our apartment), then had a family brunch on Sunday, and just hung out at home at the Super Bowl.
I was in Dallas for an Expeditions shoot for President's Day....just your average day on the job.
I made a pit stop at one of the restaurants/bars that serves Owen's and ordered the Cowboy Cup (it's literally a cowboy hat filled with Owen's and vodka!) for my team....they loved it!
 These soup dumplings are heaven on earth.
 Blurry family selfie
 I hope I look as good as her at 90! 
 Action shot
 Cousins <3
 Watching Julie facetime is hilarious!

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