It's been ages.....

I just got back from a 2.5 week business/fun trip. I had work in Boston, then flew to Michigan for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties and then flew to the UK and France for work followed by a flight to Maine and then home yesterday. Needless to say, it was quite a whirlwind and while it was a lot of fun, I'm happy to be home :) Here's a recap in pictures from my travels!
 We tied this giant float to the car and it was hilarious!
 I made a breakfast taco bar for everyone :)
 The float in much fun!
 We enjoyed lots of wine :)
 Abby and me
 Molly got glow sticks to make it easy to find everyone on the walk home.
 We had to fill up the float on the second day at a gas station!
 Tying the float to my car
 The view from my hotel room in Paris - it was absolutely gorgeous.
Ferris wheel in Paris 
 Notre Dame
 Parisian street food
 Big Ben
 Westminster Abbey
 Dinner at Dishoom - sooo good!
 London streets in the background
 Buckingham Palace on my way to the office
 Dinosaur at the Museum of Natural History in London
 We had a launch event in London at the Natural History pretty all lit up
 Maine coastline
 View from my run
 Couldn't pass up a visit to the Cookie Jar!
 Home sweet home
 Dinner with Ali and Marcia
 Wine and pizza at my house

 Late night trip to Red's.....made it just in time!
 Wine and a fire....perfect Friday night!

 Bagels at 158
 Long walk along the beach 

 Molly along our walk
 Table decor for Abby's shower
 Abbie and Abby
 Homemade lobster rolls
 Abby and Lauren
 Molly and me
 Wine tasting
 Friends for over 20 years!
 Homemade whoopie pies
Group selfie
Sunset at Centerboard
 Ali and me
 Molly and me
Pitstop for milkshakes!

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