Maine with the fam

We had a fantastic weekend in Maine with our parents, my brother, and friends. It was a packed weekend with tons of activities and great food. Below are a few photos I took over the weekend :)
 Drinks at Jim and Jayme's new place at Pine Point
 Sunset on Scarborough Marsh
Lobster rolls at Fort Williams and a walk to see Portland headlight
 Looking back at Portland harbor
 Tyler with his parents
 Walking through downtown Portland
We had a little dinner party at our house and had our family and some of my dad's friends come over. We made the chicken skewers from the 4th and had lots of lobster, steamers, and scallops followed by an ice cream at Red's.
 Saturday morning, we headed to Scratch Bakery and enjoyed some delicious pastries!
We headed over to Peak's Island on the ferry and enjoyed a picnic lunch at the beach and then did a bike tour around the island looking at all of the adorable houses. I didn't take many photos as I was on a bike, but I really loved the porch and color of this house along the route :)
We managed to just barely get on the 2:45pm ferry back from Peaks....we were literally sprinting to get on the boat! It was so hot, so we attempted to jump in the water at the park underneath the bridge, but decided to head to Willard to cool off. We made it just before a huge downpour :)
 For dinner, we headed to Scales and enjoyed a delicious dinner.
 I tried to capture the sky from inside the restaurant as it was a beautiful pink.
 On Sunday, we grabbed bagels and coffee and hung out at the house. We managed to get three beach cruisers for $100 and they were delivered by the owner on Sunday morning. I'm pretty excited about getting these fixed up and taking them for a spin!
In the afternoon, we headed to Back Bay and did the 3 mile walk around the cove. 
 This was along our walk, which I thought was pretty fun. We then headed home and quickly packed before heading to an early BBQ dinner before having to get on the road back to NYC. We had such a wonderful weekend and feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing parents in our lives who love to spend the weekend with us in one of our favorite places :)

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