Christmas 2015 Recap

We headed home to the Bay Area for the holidays to spend it with our family and friends. This year, we flew out early as we're headed to Cuba on Christmas Day night for a week with my family. Here's a recap of our week: 
The Christmas week kicked off with a Bingo night at Samer and Aziz's house. We had a great time seeing a bunch of our high school friends and their parents. Nat and Tyler decided to take a selfie (instead of taking a picture of the girls!) in between bingo games.
We spent a lot of time hanging out at home with Tyler's family enjoying Linc's coffee. Our niece, Finley, is at a really fun age, so it's been nice to get to spend time playing with her.
Tyler organized the 5th annual basketball game with all of his buddies from elementary and high school. It's such a fun tradition and it always ends with a delicious burger from the Goose!
Kendall, Finley, and Robin made lots of delicious sugar cookies and decorated them.
We snuck in a dinner at the Club, which is always a treat and one of our favorite meals when home. We look forward to it so much and it's always delicious! 

We decided to take some awkward and hilarious family photos in the sleigh at the front of the club :)
I have taken up an interest in laser cutting and got a mini tutorial from two of my coworkers in MTV, which was soooo much fun! It's amazing what a laser cutter can do.
We headed up to the city one night to grab Vietnamese with a bunch of our friends, which was such a treat. We miss everyone so much!
We did a really fun family activity called Escape the Room. You essentially get "locked in a room" and have to find a bunch of clues and solve a series of challenges to attempt to escape the room. You have one hour to escape, but sadly it took us 1 hour and nine minutes to escape. It was a really fun family activity and then we headed to dinner in downtown Mountain View.
 We got to spend some quality time with the Daiss/Wilson clan and enjoyed some Owen's (more on that to come in January!).
 Mark and Tyler enjoying Mule Mix in their copper mugs
Daiss guys and Tyler
On Christmas Eve, we had brunch with the Daiss clan and then headed over to my mom's for our annual Christmas Eve party. Mandy, Maggie, and I had to take our annual photo in front of the tree and this year we had a new addition....Miss Claire Audrey (Mandy's baby)!  We spent the night at my house and opened presents in the morning before heading to Tyler's house for presents and Christmas dinner.
 Tyler and his grandfather cutting the turkey
 Table all set for dinner
Merry Christmas :)

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