Nonstop action!

Life has been really crazy over the last few weeks, hence the delay in my posting! It started two weeks ago when I accompanied the First Lady and her team on their tour of Howard Community College in Maryland. We're creating college Expeditions to support the First Lady's Reach Higher initiative to encourage kids to go to college.
It was pretty neat seeing the Instagram post and tweet from the first lady :)

Following my trip to Maryland, I spent a really nice afternoon in Hoboken with Jacqui, Kara, and Justine and spent the weekend tying up any loose ends for our big announcement. That Monday, we announced the Expeditions Pioneer Program and we're thrilled with the outpouring of excitement from schools around the globe. Here were just a handful of the articles highlighting the launch:

The sweet rides are bringing Expeditions kits to schools all over :)
After a busy week, Tyler and I headed to the Catskills to visit my uncles at their bakery, Two Old Tarts and enjoyed all of their wonderful baked goods, brunch and dinner food :)
The desserts are sooo good!
I took Tyler and my cousin Michael on a little Expedition over breakfast!
The fall foliage was so beautiful up in Andes!
We drove back from Andes on Sunday and I had an early flight to DC on Monday to film an Expedition of the White House garden. The First Lady invited some local elementary students to help her with the fall harvest of the garden and we were there to create a farm-to-table Expedition. The whole event was livestreamed, which I had no idea!
View of the Washington Monument from the Blue Room in the White House

The First Lady Harvesting sweet potatoes....check out the Jump camera!
It's been really chaotic but fun and I feel very fortunate :)

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