Two day - 22 mile hike with Tyler and Linc

My wonderful husband planned a two-day 22 mile hike in Desolation Wilderness while we were up in Tahoe. As many of you know, I'm not much into hiking or backpacking, so this was a big deal. Tyler's dad, Linc, also joined us, which was great. Here are some pics from our trip!
All packed up and ready to head out
Saw a sign for Tyler Lake so we had to take a pic!
View of one of the lakes from the trail
Looking back at the valley from Rockbound Pass
Made it to the top of the pass
Lunch stop
Our bedroom for the evening
Filtering the water
Looking out to the valley
Making fire
Sunset at Lake Schmindell
Dinner consisted of sausage and mac & cheese
Linc eating the sausage
Another view of the sunset
My model husband wearing nicer clothes camping :)
Yes, that's my hair when I woke up....
Another pretty lake
Nice meadow in the valley
Looking back on the valley we walked through from Mosquito Pass
Aloha Lake - very low but so cool looking
Another view of the lake

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