Adrian's Cal poly Graduation

This past weekend we celebrate Adrian's graduation from Cal Poly! The entire Holland clan flew/drove down/up to Cal Poly and we all congregated for the weekend. I managed to fly from London to CA late Thursday night and then drove down at 5:45am with Bennett....not sure how we safely made it! We had such a great weekend toasting the graduate. Below are some fun pictures from the weekend!
Love this picture of Uncle Tyler and Finley after dinner the first night :)
Adrian and Tyler
Sibs (minus Kendall...Finley was napping)
Aunt Adrian and Finley
Cal Poly has a crazy tradition that all of the families go to the bars at 6am the morning of graduation. So the above picture is of Kendall and Finley in line at 5:45am. The unfortunate part was the bouncer wouldn't let Finley in...can't believe she's already getting kicked out of bars! 
Jager Bomb....gross!
Nothing like family tequila shots at 6am!
One last drink before graduation and a really long car drive home!

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