Ski Trip to Jackson Hole

Tyler and I headed to Jackson Hole for the past 5 days with 150 of his business school classmates. The ski club sponsors a ski trip each year and we were lucky enough to head to Jackson Hole. We stayed at Snow King, which was 20 minutes by bus from Jackson Hole and roomed with five other friends in really nice condos. The skiing at Jackson Hole was amazing and was quiete possibly the best mountain I've ever skied on. I've never been on a more challenging and steep mountain; it literally had runs for everyone and was ginormous! Needless to say, we had such a great time skiing and hanging out with was a great start to 2013!
Base of the mountain
Sunrise on the mountain peaks
 Morning view from the top of the gondola :)
Looking out over the valley...The view never gets old!
Corbet's Couloir is one of the most famous ski runs. You ski off a 30 foot drop from the top of the mountain. We happened to be skiing when their was a mountaineer challenge where people had to hike with their skis from the base to the top of Corbet's and then go off Corbet's and ski back down to the bottom. From there, they have to hike back up to mid-mountain and then ski back down moguls...Such an intense competition; it was really cool to watch!
 We took Sunday off from skiing and headed to the Elk Preserve as my dearest husband wanted to become "one with the elks!" Tyler is a huge animal fanatic so we ventured out to one of the largest elk preserves, which was sooo much fun. You get pulled in sleigh and literally come within feet of the elk!
 Oh hey there.....just hanging out!
Amazing creatures :)
 Great condo dinner at the Kitchen 
Downtown Jackson....Love all of the lights!
View from the top of the mountain
 Skiing in the clouds :)
 Ridiculously steep moguls at the top of the mountain...You literally couldn't see a thing on our last day!
 Tyler and me before heading out to the bar
 3030 girls
 Tyler and Ray
We went to the Cowboy Bar in town, which had a live band. I was thrilled/shocked when the band agreed to play "Jenny" by Tommy Tutone. We had a great night hanging out with everyone from CBS, dancing, and even seeing a buffalo head in the bouncer's car (Tyler was beyond excited)!

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