2012 New Years in Tahoe

We've started a tradition of celebrating New Years in Tahoe and have been going for the past six years. Last year, we started a tradition of hosting New Years at Holland family cabin, which was an absolute blast! This year, we started making plans in September and the anticipation nearly got us all :) We hosted 17 of our friends for four days and had an incredible time hanging out, playing lots of games, skiing at Heavenly, cooking up a storm, and of course celebrating all of the US New Years. Here's a photo recap of our four-day excursion as well as the recipes that accompanied the trip :)
The cabin all snowed in...Tyler and I trudged through the snow with the groceries in the dark! The snow was up to Tyler's waist making it pretty difficult for me to help unload the car. So, I unpacked inside the house while my amazing husband did all of the trips to unload the car...pretty amazing!
Here was the Costco food we had + food from a trip to the grocery store!
My lovely "partner-in-crime" Michelle and me
Mark and Tessa
Fab and Pete
Team dinner
Paul and Fab
Maire, Christina, and Nick
Michelle and Maire cooking
Maire, Mark, Matt, and Samer hanging out watching a game of pong
Nick, Paul, and me
Michelle and Mat sporting their "cool" outfits!
Stina, Tyler, and Paul
Tyler and me skiing at Heavenly
We took a walk to Lower Falls one day. It was so gorgeous!
Tyler making a snow
Tyler, Mark, and me in front of the falls

As part of our annual New Years tradition, we break everyone up into teams of 4 or 5 people. Each team is responsible for coming up with a theme for their team as well as costumes. Each team competes in the "New Years Olympics" and is assigned to organize the celebrations of each of the US New Years (e.g. East Coast @ 9pm, Central @ 10pm, Mountain @ 11pm, Pacific @ 12 pm). This year, everyone stepped up their game and was quite creative!
Team Greece in their togos made of blankets "running the marathon"
Team Antartica....Waddling penguins made out of trash bags!
Team Scotland in kilts made out of flannel shirts
Team Guam in their grass skirts made of paper bags!
Lisa and Grant making costumes and hanging out before the opening ceremony
Sierre and Nick
Maire and Samer
Nick and Sierra
Michelle and me sporting our costumes
Aziz  and Pete recounting the facts of the Olympics for Greece's opening ceremony
Team Antartica waddling around for the opening ceremony
Team Guam mid chant/dance for the opening ceremony
Team Antartica's "March of the Penguin" skit for the East Coast New Years
"Morgan Freeman" aka Matt
"Santa" forced to take a shot during Team Antartica's New Years celebration...Nick looks thrilled!
 Team Greece for their New Years celebration made everyone perform an Olympic sport - Nick was weight-lifting!

Team Scotland with a choreographed dance for the Mountain New Years  (Photo courtesy of Stina!)
Team Guam celebrating the West Coast New Years - carrying in their Queen (aka Lisa)
Mark singing and playing the guitar
Michelle and Stina
Team Scotland winning a game of beer pong during the Olympics
And Mark's "classic" pose loosing to Team Scotland in beer pong!

The last few shots of the weekend are of the new Holland cabin (next door to the current cabin) that should be built by Labor Day of 2013!!!
Pics of the new cabin!
View from the side
View from the back fo the house

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