It's good to be home!

Tyler and I headed home early Saturday morning for a nice, long month for the holidays! Our flight was uneventful and we arrived on time, which is always a blessing when traveling during the holidays. We managed to sneak in a lunch with my family, catch up with Tyler's parents and make lasagna rollups to bring to our friends hosting a Christmas party. Mark and Paul hosted a Nog Party at their apartment.....Here was the video "Twas the Nog Before Christmas" that accompanied their evite. Michelle and I were tasked with making dinner for the pre-party and we were entertained with Mark and Pauls' Nog Song. It's been a while since I've laughed or cried as hard as I did when I listened to this song!h
On Sunday, my mom's best friend from college came over for their annual baking day and I was joined by one of my best friends from college, Michelle. It was pretty one point, Michelle and I were in one room of the house while my mom and Patty were in another room and were having the exact same conversation. Hopefully, Michelle and I will be baking together well into our 50s! We made lots of delicious treats including the famous pepper jelly, chocolate marcona almond bark, and delicious shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate. It was such a fun day and very tasty!

We've spent the last few days working, running errands, catching up with our families and eating nice, home cooked meals, which is such a treat :)

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