Christmas Festivities

After Kendall's shower, Tyler and I headed to my house for a quick dinner and then a movie with the family to see Guilt Trip. It was absolutely hilarious and it's quite possible that the car ride home with my mom and Josh was even more hysterical than the movie!

Christmas Eve morning, the Holland and Daiss clan get together for breakfast and luminaries. It's always a fun tradition and so nice to hang out with everyone. We woke up bright and early for breakfast and assembled all 400 luminaries in record time - 22 minutes!
The Daiss and Holland boys after breakfast
Luminaries assembled
Luminary assembly line - 400 luminaries produced!
Mark hanging out after luminaries
Tyler meditating in the car before heading to my house :)
My mom and Chris host a Christmas Eve party with our neighbors and close friends. It's always nice to see everyone and have cocktails on Christmas Eve. My mom always has a great spread and this year added a "photo booth-like" experience to the party. Everyone got their picture taken in front of the tree.
Champagne cocktails
Josh, mom, and me....Mom insisted on wearing the Santa apron I made for the party!
Tyler and me
Friends since 7th Grade...Maggie, me, and Mandy
Matt and Kellie Loretz in front of the tree.
Our attempt at a family photo....Nana looks a little scared!

Christmas morning was here before we knew it. We woke up early at my house and opened presents. From there, we headed to the Hollands and opened round two of presents before getting ready for Christmas dinner.
Nothing screams Christmas more than having a piece of glass extracted from your foot! Tyler stepped on glass and has pulled out 3 pieces of glass over a six day period! He's posing a bit in this photo, but I couldn't help but find everyone's expressions pretty hysterical.
The piece of glass that was extracted from Tyler's foot!
Bennett and Adrian on salad duty
Bill and my mom
Boompa in the Santa apron I made with Brad....Carving the delicious BBQ turkey!
Graham and Josh
Tyler and Boompa

Everyone was up early on the 26th and headed to the club for a nice, long, family workout :) We then headed to Alpine Inn for some burgers - one of my favorite stops while being home! Nothing like working out and eating a juicy burger!
Wednesday evening, we headed to the Sayigh's house for a holiday, family, get-together, which was so much fun. It's always nice to get everyone together. Thought the above picture was a nice picture of Samer, Tyler, and Aziz :)

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