Honeymoon Day Fifteen: Athens

We took an evening flight from Kamari Beach after enjoying a leisurely dinner and arrived in Athens by 11pm. We checked into the Hotel Sofitel, which was literally across the street from the airport (great recommendation from my mom!), and quickly crashed for the evening.
 Hilarious...two twin beds!
 We woke up the next morning refreshed and ready to tour around Athens. I took this picture to show how close the hotel was from the terminal...literally across the street from baggage claim. We walked across the street and took the X95 Bus (5 Euro per person/each way) since the metro workers were on strike. It took about 30 minutes to get to Plaka and headed straight for the Acropolis Museum. We decided to do the museum first so we would have the history and details in our memory before visiting the Acropolis, which served us well. We got all of the information we could ever want and didn't have to pay for a tour or guide when we got to the Acropolis.
 Hadrian's Arch
 The Acropolis Museum
 Ruins being excavated. The plan is to open these up to the public to walk around in the fall.
 3D glasses for the imax film
 The Moschoforos
 Kore statues from the Parthenon
 View of the Acropolis from the museum
 Heading up to the Acropolis
 They use this for a concert venue...so cool!
 First entrance into the Acropolis
 Tyler on the steps leading up to the Acropolis
 Front entrance
 Remainder of the columns at the entrance
 The Acropolis....so stunning!
Older Temple of Athena
 Kore statues at the older Temple of Athena
 Looking back at the entrance
 Older Temple of Athena
 Older Temple of Athena
 View from the Acropolis
 Looking back at the Acropolis - Parthenon and the older Temple of Athena
 View from the Acropolis
  View from the Acropolis
 Other side of the Parthenon
 Walking back out through the entrance of the Acropolis
After touring the Acropolis Museum and the actual Acropolis, we decided to take a break and grab some lunch at a nearby cafe to take a break from the sun. From there, we decided to walk around Monastiraki to see the shops, flea market, and quaint streets. After being on our feet and walking for 7 hours, we decided to call it a day and took the Metro back from Monastiraki to the hotel. We spent a quiet evening at the hotel and started getting ready for our trek home.

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