Honeymoon Day Seven: The Vatican

Friday was our second and final day in Rome. We woke early and ventured out to the Vatican to attempt to beat the heat and long lines. We arrived at St. Peter’s Basilica and were surprised to find short lines into the Basilica. 
 The Vatican

 The dome of St. Peter's Basilica

 After taking in the amazing architecture, sculptures, and paintings, we made our way to the Vatican museum and Sistine Chapel. The Vatican Museum is so large and you can’t possibly see everything in on one trip! After exploring the museum for a few hours, we ended the tour with the Sistine Chapel, which was packed with people. The best-kept secret of the Sistine Chapel is the secret exit on the right reserved for tour groups. We blended in with a group and managed to exit to the right rather than the left main exit, which saved us about 1.5 miles of walking! If you take the exit to the left, you have to wrap along the museum and along the Vatican city walls rather than being dumped into the middle of St. Peter's Basilica.
 This statue was hit by lightening and was buried with honor...so cool

 Loved the iron doors

The Sistine Chapel...So impressive

After spending several hours at the Vatican, we grabbed lunch along our walk home before heading back to our hotel to cool off. It was soooo unbelievably hot in Rome that we spent the hottest part of the day in our cool hotel room. We then emerged in the late afternoon as the sun began to set and continued our touring of the city. The first stop on the list was the Spanish Steps followed by the Trevi Fountain and dinner nearby. We had such a great time and Rome and were thrilled we could make the quick trip before Greece!
 Packed Spanish Steps
 Trevi Fountain
 Trevi Fountain

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