Honeymoon Day Five: Hike on The Path of Gods and Lounging by the Pool

We decided to make the most of our last full day in Positano with a hike along the mountainside. The trail connects Positano to Amalfi and takes approximately four hours to complete each day. We wanted to walk halfway to take in the most stunning scenery and get some good exercise, especially after eating so much the day before! We woke up early, grabbed a quick breakfast, and managed to get on the bus promptly by 8am. The only problem was we forgot exact change for the bus (our hotel didn’t tell us!) and begged the driver to let us go as the next bus wasn’t for 1.5 hours. Thankfully, the driver was in a good mood and let us get on without tickets…oops!

We took the bus straight up the mountainside to Nochelle to pick up the trail called “The Path of Gods.” The first was still going along the ridge side and we could really smell and see the fire still going. We found the trail head and began our hike along the mountainside and were taken aback by the huge cliffs and gorgeous views of Positano and Praiano.

 The beginning of the trail
 Views along the path
 Hiking along

We stopped about half way and decided we would rather walk back and then down the mountainside rather than ending up in Amalfi. So, we took a short break and headed back before descending down the thousands of stairs to Positano. It was a great hike and we were so glad we did it!

We got back to our hotel hot, sweaty, and tired and quickly jumped in our suits to sit by the pool and relax. We enjoyed a poolside lunch, took naps, read, and then headed out to do some shopping to remember our time here in Positano. As we were headed out to go shopping, a bunch of fireworks were set off all at once. It was the best way to end an amazing day and time in Positano!

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