5 Year College Reunion

This past weekend, I had my 5 year reunion from Fairfield University. The Alumni Association planned a really fun weekend beginning with appetizers and drinks served at the Levee (the on-campus bar). The best part was returning back to the dorms for the night....Brought back so many fun memories! Saturday, we woke up early, headed to get breakfast and walked the beach where we lived Senior year. We spent the afternoon on campus at the beer garden and food tents before heading to our friends' new place 1/2 mile from campus. In the evening, we attended the dinner dance hosted by the Alumni Association, which was a blast....such a fun dance party followed by hanging out in the dorms until the wee hours of the morning. Thank god the reunion only was two days as I wouldn't have been able to handle anything longer! Just as in college, I came home exhausted and sick! It was such a great weekend and I had a blast with everyone....Go Stags!!!
 Legally drinking in the dorm...My roomie for Friday night :)
 Marco and Ashley
 Pat and Marco
 Michelle, Kara and me
 Kara, John and me....Oh Sophomore year :)
 Senior beach houses....Still can't believe we lived here!
 G "breaking into/walking into" her old house
 Walking the beach
 In front of the Grape
 The DaVine...my house senior year!
 In front of my old room Freshman year
 Happiest place on earth...Free beer and ice cream! Brig is a happy camper :)
 Group shot at the Parker's
 New Stag in the quad
Walking to the dinner dance
 Marco and me
 Michelle, Courtney, and Jackie at the dinner dance
 Jacqui and Colf on the dance floor....Clearly Colf had a good time!
 Love this picture of Marco and Michelle on the dance floor!
 Jeff hanging out in our room after the dance

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