Home for the Holidays

I've been slacking lately with the blogging ever since I left NYC! I flew out Thursday night from JFK and headed home to California for Christmas. My wonderful husband had to stay an extra week for finals but is flying in tomorrow :) We both have been so excited to come home and see our family and friends as we haven't seen everyone since our wedding/big move east.  At any rate, I flew home on Thursday and am working in the Google MTV office until Christmas. It's been so nice being back in the office and seeing all of my friends and old coworkers.

As for this past weekend, my mom and I traded off serving as a nurse for my little brother who had his wisdom teeth pulled. It was really hard not to laugh as Josh was really, really swollen. It turned out he got a rare infection in his glands and had to go to the emergency dentist clinic to get it treated. I felt bad after teasing him so much....He literally looked like Shallow Hal with no neck! On top of my brother not feeling great, my poor grandmother has been sick with a terrible cough and ended up having to be hospitalized as she was so dehydrated. So, my mom and I traded taking care of everyone this weekend :)

In addition to playing nurse, I watched several movies with my brother, had a great lunch with my friend Maggie, finished my Christmas shopping, had an all day baking day with my mom and her college roommate (post to come), and headed over to my in-laws house to see them, which was so nice. All in all, it was a good weekend and really nice to be home :)

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