Wedding Day!!!

Our wedding was absolutely perfect and we wouldn't have changed a thing! I spent the night at the Rosewood Hotel, which made getting ready very easy. My mom ordered lunch and we enjoyed a variety of sandwiches in my suite. It was really nice having an evening wedding because we didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn to get ready. Our hair and makeup artists arrived at 11am and were done by 2:30pm! The guys got ready at Tyler's house and headed to the ceremony at 4pm. We arrived at Sacred heart at 4:45pm and the ceremony began at 5pm. Following the ceremony, we took a lot of family and bridal party photos before heading to Sharon Heights Country Club for the reception. Here's a list of my favorite moments from our wedding day:
  • Getting ready in my suite. I really enjoyed hanging out with my mom, Nana, brother, and girlfriends before leaving for the ceremony. It was a nice way to stay calm before all of the craziness started.
  • Hanging from the back of a golf cart to get to the limo! My suite was far from the parking lot where the limo was picking us up. We were all in heels and decided to call the front desk and have the golf carts pick us up. The only problem was I didn't really fit in the golf cart with my dress. The only way I could make it work is if I stood on the back of the golf cart and Adrian held my dress from the inside. Let's just say it made for a really good photo opt!
  • Seeing my Flower Girls and Ring Bearer all dressed up holding my custom Etsy "Here Comes the Bride" signs. I thought throwing petals would be a waste and was trying to come up with a unique idea. As many of you know, I absolutely LOVE Etsy! I found a women who did custom signs...she had many variations of signs for weddings and I worked with her to create mine. I hope to one day hanging these signs in a craft room :)
  • Walking down the aisle with my mom and brother. While it was exceptionally hard to not have my dad at my wedding, I was honored to be escorted by my mom and brother down the aisle. Just before we started to proceed down the aisle, my brother tripped and I found myself saying, "Jesus Christ Josh!" For any of you who knew my dad, this was a common saying. It just made me smile as I knew he was with us :)
  • Seeing Tyler for the first time as I walked down the aisle. We didn't see each other before, which was extra special. I just kept my eyes on him the whole way down...and all I could think about was how lucky I was to be marrying such a wonderful guy.
  • Icing the guys! My bridesmaids and I came up with an idea, which was to "Ice" the guys. For those of you who don't know what icing is here's a definition. While the guys were finishing up their pictures, the girls got the Smirnoff Ices from the limo and slipped them in their pocket. Just before getting in the limo, the girls presented the Smirnoff to the guys :)
  • My mother's toast. My mother gave one of the most hilarious wedding toasts I have heard. My mother dearest saved my Christmas lists as a child and related back to my wedding day. She had the entire room laughing :)
  • The food and wine at the club. The food and wine at the club was exceptional as always at Sharon Heights. Tyler and I didn't eat our dinner during the reception, but instead ate at 3am in our hotel room! The dinner was not only delicious, but everyone thoroughly enjoyed the red velvet cupcakes and ice cream sundae bar.
  • The Fundamentals. My mom received a recommendation from her good friend about a fabulous band. The Fundamentals were by far the best party band I have heard. I've never seen a dance floor fill up on the second song like it did at our wedding. We had just finished our first dance song, and the band played "Let's get it started." As I described to someone later in the evening, it was as if it was Black Friday and Wal Mart just opened their doors at 4am! People just swarmed the dance was AMAZING!
  • The photobooth. We got a photobooth to do our was absolutely hilarious to look through all of the pictures. To see these precious pictures, go to Click on the "Click Here to See Your Photos" link near the top. Then click "Photobooth." Scroll down and select our wedding, "8-13 Sharon Heights Country Club."
  • The Sparkler send-off. I LOVE sparklers and just had to have them for our wedding. They remind me of 4th of July in Maine. Everyone created a path of sparklers to send us off. We enjoyed walking down the path, but especially loved the dog pile in the limo after :)
Our wedding was an absolute blast and I can't thank our parents for such an amazing day! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our photographer, Terry Way, who captured the day perfectly!

My bouquet with my dad's picture hanging from it

Bridesmaids' bouquets

My custom Etsy hanger :)

The bracelets my mom made...So gorgeous!

The girls dresses hanging from custom hangers with their names from Etsy.

Gorgeous girls ready to go!

Putting on the finishing mom's veil.

Josh and me before the ceremony

Sister-in-Laws :)

My beautiful mother and me

Love this shot since you can see the earrings my mom made!

Me with my gorgeous bridesmaids who are all sooo tall!

Tyler and the groomsmen.

My handsome groom just before the ceremony.

The programs my mom and I made

Tyler's parents before the ceremony

My Nana being escorted into the ceremony

Flower Girls and Ring Bearer carrying signs made on Etsy....adorable!

Just before we walked down the aisle...

Walking down the aisle

Bridesmaids during the ceremony

Just married!!!!

Talking after the ceremony

This was one of my favorite shots..The expressions on our face are priceless!

Bridal Party Shot

The girls "icing" the way to kickoff the reception!

Heading to the reception

I love this of everyone

Tyler and me at the club


The ballroom was absolutely stunning and just how I pictured it.

Our cake and cupcakes...delicious!

During my mom's hilarious toast!

The Fundamentals

First Dance

Dancing with Josh

Best shot of an epic dance party!

Nana and the Guncles :)

On stage dancing...oh man!

The gorgeous club from the outside with the evening sky.

Sparkler much fun!

Piling into the limo to head to the after party!

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