Enjoying the spring weather

We've been spending a lot of time outside these past two weekends now that the sun is out and it's a balmy 60 degrees! It's pretty amazing to see how crowded the parks and waterfront gets when it's sunny. Between runs and picnic lunches along the Hudson, we've enjoyed relaxing weekends outside.
Washington Square Park packed on the first nice, spring day!
Run along the Hudson
Statue of Liberty in the distance
 I was in London this week for work and the weather there did not disappoint! It was warm and sunny all week and I got to enjoy walking to work each morning from my hotel and seeing beautiful landmarks like Buckingham Palace along the way :)
 Gates at Buckingham Palance

We've spent the weekend relaxing as I was pretty exhausted from my travel this week. We did manage to have a really fun dinner with friends friday night at Socarrat, which is an awesome paella bar in Soho. On Saturday, we ran errands, enjoyed a nice run on the Hudson, and then hosted some friends for a cocktail party and then pizza. I am also proud to say I slept 13 hours straight Saturday night....clearly, I was exhausted from the week! Sunday, we made delicious avocado toast with fresh ricotta cheese from Raffetto's and just hung out :) It's been nice relaxing on the weekends when the weeks have been so nutty at work!

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